At the time our church was founded, the people involved in its establishment chose the name "Northminster" because minster means "a meeting place for religious purposes" and our new location was on the northside of Indianapolis.
Over the course of our nearly 65 years in business, 30 ordained ministers have served our congregation.  Leadership comes from our members with nearly 1,200 people having served in positions of leadership as ordained officers.
It has been an extraordinary time and we have become an active, happy family that, as our motto states, is seeking, serving and embracing.  Our ministry is to each other, our community and the world. 

There is so much to say about our church and we will endeavor in this "About" section to give you as much information as we can.   When you click on the links you will find information about:

Over the years there has been lots of work, strong leadership, and insightful pastors but, most of all, acceptance and love. Our building is truly a meeting place for all.

Everyone is welcome here.


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