Love gift for Debbie Bulloff

  • Jul 18, 2017

Dear Northminster Members and Friends:

After serving more than 12 years as our dedicated and beloved Director of Christian Education (and honorary mother) Debbie has earned a time of retirement with no VBS, volunteer recruiting, childcare juggling, resource providing, or church school managing.  She will begin that retirement at the end of August.

Debbie has helped raise our children, supported parents, and encouraged teachers with commitment and with faith.  No one person really knows everything Debbie has handled in the past 12 years.  She will certainly be missed.

On Sunday, August 27th during the 10:00 hour we will meet in the Gathering Place to celebrate Debbie and her ministry with us.  Join us for this time of fellowship.  There will be a brief program at about 10:25. 

John and Maureen Purcell are collecting a “Love Gift” for Debbie as an expression of thanks.  If you wish to make a contribution to this collective gift, make checks payable to John Purcell and mail to 5260 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46220-3057. You may also drop it off in the church office by Friday, August 25th. Please do NOT make checks payable to the church.

Please keep Debbie and her family in your prayers as they go through this transition and keep the church in your prayers as we determine next steps in our ministries for children and youth.

Teri Thomas

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