Friday, September 14

Steeple Repair Project

Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am

Northminster Presbyterian Church

Are you a balcony person? There are some of you who like to sit up there and look down on the rest of us. But all kidding aside, for some it is habit, for some more comfortable, for some it is where your kids want to sit and anything to keep them in church, right?

The repair work on the steeple is moving along but it is very extensive, both outside and inside. We are asking for your patience. Just how much do you miss sitting up there? Enough to make a contribution to the repairs? We have wiped out the building reserve fund and over spent buildings and grounds budget between the steeple and the HVAC system. If you are so moved, please throw an additional gift in the plate and mark it "building reserve".

We promise to let you know as soon as the balcony is safe for occupancy again.  Thanks for being here, no matter where you like to sit.