Tuesday, April 23

Pastoral Ponderings - April 2019

Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am

After the last month I feel as though I have developed an intimate attachment to the organ even though it has not even been started yet. I feel like it ought to have a name so I can quit saying, “The new organ that has not yet been built.” Joy and Gloria seemed too expected. Today I am leaning toward Windy. Just a thought.

The Session has appointed a Taskforce to take it from here on Organ planning, construction, installation, etc. These are the folks who will know everything there is to be known about the status and details of the project. If you have questions, please seek one of them out and ask away.

The members of the Taskforce are: Rob Rothrock, David Neitzel, Andy Longo, Mike Boris, Blake Schlabach, Linda Furuness and Bob Gudgel. John Wright and Marko Petričić will provide staffing. Andy Longo will be serving as the chairperson.

Thank you again for your generous support of this project. Watch for more details.

- Pastor Teri Thomas