2017 Stewardship Campaign - Go and See!

Stewardship - by Mason King

“I am not willing to accept that everything happens for a reason. I do not believe God has a reason to take young beautiful souls from their loved ones. I do believe, however, that if we are suffering we can choose to use faith to survive. We can believe in the uncertainty and look for a service to others.”

I hope you were fortunate enough to have attended our service on July 9 and heard the guest sermon by Justin Phillips of Indianapolis-based Overdose Lifeline Inc. The above quote is from one of the most affecting passages of her eye-opening testimony. And in some ways it crystallized for me what I find as the most satisfying and energizing aspects of being a member of Northminster.

Justin described losing her son to an opioid addiction and how it led
to questioning her faith in God. It is a powerful thing to hear that kind of raw and honest testimony emanating from the pulpit, where so often we turn for comfort. But Phillips’ sermon certainly was not the first time I have heard someone step in front of the Northminster congregation and admit to being hurt, dispirited and unable to find an easy, faith-based answer to a life crisis. Indeed, we encourage courageous
investigation of faith.

One of the things that I have always appreciated about Northminster
is that it welcomes people in all stages of their faith journey. No one claims to have all of the right answers. Our pastors acknowledge their own struggles to make sense of scripture, God’s intent, and the often wide spaces between what we believe SHOULD happen for the faithful and what DOES happen. And we are not told what we should believe, but rather are encouraged to explore for ourselves and find insights that are personally meaningful. In fact, to “see” is the first tenet in Northminister’s mission to “seek, serve and embrace.”

This is what I think about when I mull the theme to our new stewardship campaign, “Go and see.” We walk through the door and are welcomed to use our own eyes and minds to encounter difficult issues. We have opportunities to discuss topics as current and sensitive as opioid addiction, the cycle of poverty, and racism and white privilege. And then we are encouraged to “go”—to apply our mission outside of church in dozens and dozens of ways. We directly support
local school children, help build housing, stock food banks, mentor refugee families, provide disaster assistance, and so much more.

When we support the church, we support our individual faith journeys
and our collective power to heal. As Justin Philips said, “We can believe in the uncertainty and look for a service to others.” Please consider strengthening our ability to do so with your stewardship contribution this year.

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