2017 Stewardship Campaign - Go and See!

Stewardship - by Chad Kincaid
“How many loaves do you have” Jesus asked. “Go and see.” When they found out, they said “Five-and two fish.” This year’s stewardship theme is “Go and See”. It is based on Mark 6:38 where Jesus astonished his disciples by using a few fish and loaves of bread to feed thousands of men, women and children. This message seeks to encourage us to experience discovery and wonder through mission. Stewardship is such an important part of our Christian mission.

As a child I was always fascinated by this miracle of Jesus. I would imagine the disciples thinking “how will we feed all these people” or “this is never going to work”. Then at the moment of almost running out of food and people going hungry there was plenty for all. I was awe struck. I remember asking my father about it. I asked more about the logistics of the act than the faith that was involved. My father patiently at first tried to explain the over-arching significance of the meaning of the miracle. But then I kept peppering him with questions like “so would the baskets just continue to be filled with fish?” My father finally replied if Jesus can walk on water and raise the dead he can feed five thousand people. That answer did satisfy my grade school self.

Now looking back I wonder if my skepticism was similar to the disciples. How in the world can this be done? We probably all have moments where we think it cannot be done. How can we improve our world when there is so much bad news? What difference can I make? Maybe the answer is as simple as “Go and See”. As I reflect on this I truly appreciate this short call to action. I find comfort in how Jesus asks his disciples and us to just try. To me it’s a very optimistic thought. Go try and see what happens. Most of the difficult problems I face in my job and elsewhere can be overwhelming at first, case in point writing an article for News and Views. I sit and worry how will I pull this off? I don’t want to let anyone down. I generally find the hardest part is getting started.

As this year’s stewardship campaign heads to the eventual Commitment Sunday on October 29 I invite you to “Go and See”. Can you get a better understanding of what God wants your mission to be? Go and see. Can you expand your aid to your community? Go and see. Can our Church change and grow with the times to continue to help members and others? Go and see. Can I (with much help from others) really pull off an entire stewardship campaign for the Church my family has come to love? Go and see.

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