Meet the Pastors

 Teri Thomas, Pastor & Head of Staff                                                  

One of Teri's most famous sermons didn't include the following words:  God, Jesus, church, prayer, heaven, hell, or any of the other words commonly associated with a church sermon.  The sermon was, on paper, about how to grow (and not grow) good tomatoes.  Of course, like any good parable, that sermon wasn't really just about tomatoes.... 

In many ways, this sermon exemplifies Teri's pastoral style - she is committed to and truly loves teaching and ministering in a way that people can relate to, especially if it's unconventional.Teri Head Shot Dec 2009

Teri was born in Mt Vernon, Ohio and grew up in Ohio and Indiana. She attended Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio. She received her Master of Divinity from the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and her Doctor of Ministry from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago.  Although she seems to be just about as educated as she can get, she continues to be a voracious learner, and she especially loves it when she can learn something useful at the movies.  One could almost count on one hand the number of sermons in which Teri DOES NOT make reference to some movie. 

Teri has found that she has continued to learn by, of all things, teaching at the Christian Theological Seminary here in Indianapolis.  This experience allows her to stay in touch with what the up-and-comers are doing and thinking, and here at Northminster, we are glad of it!  Her youthful attitude and energy belie her age (whatever it is).

Before she arrived at Northminster, Teri served congregations in Iowa and Nebraska. She served in the governmental level of the Presbyterian church in the Presbyteries of Detroit and National Capital (Washington DC), where she gained a better understanding of how church policy is formed (think, "Does the church as an organized body support or not support gay marriage?" and "How can all of our churches work together to help the impoverished in the inner-city?"). In January of 2002, Teri arrived as the Pastor of Northminster.  We are so thrilled that her career path has led to our door!

Teri has a son, Thomas Taylor.  He is married to Sara Fanucci and is working in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The couple has recently provided Teri with two beloved grandchildren. 

Ruth Chadwick Moore, Associate Pastor 

Ruth is real.  She's got a dry sense of humor.  She's open-minded.  She's easy to talk to. She always has a great story.  She's one of those people you'd love to have at your dinner party because you know that everyone there will love talking with her.  Most of all, you'll want her there because YOU'LL want to talk with her. 

Which is why she is PERFECT as a pastor.  You can talk with her about anything, and while you see her as being "good" in the religious sense, you also see her as someone who will not be judgmental.  She's the perfect balance. 

Ruth was born and raised in suburban Philadelphia (where her parents owned a funeral home, so if you loved the TV show "Six Feet Under," talk to Ruth!), spent several years of her married and child-bearing life in Washington D.C.,  but has made Indiana her home for most of her adult life. She has an undergraduate degree from DePauw University, which she acquired promptly after high school, and a Master of Divinity from Christian Theological Seminary, which she promptly acquired many years later.

Ruth was ordained as a Teaching Elder (Minister) at Northminster in January of 2003. Her call includes working with the Deacons, the Mission Team, the Congregational Life Team and the E-Team. She and Teri share the responsibility of pastoral care. Her call means that her gift of being a good listener and one who uses her words wisely, is being put to excellent use.

Ruth is married to Mark Moore and they have three adult children.

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