Adult Education

Continuing the Journey: Racism and White Privilege
What are you learning as you read, watch and/or listen?  Lists of suggested books, articles, movies, podcasts for all ages are available in the Gathering Place and on all the information tables. 

Have you posted and shared on the Reading Board in the Gathering Place?  Northminster’s Summer Read/Listening/Watching Club is for children, youth, and adults!

Join us on Sunday, September 10 for our closing discussion at 10 am. All Readers/Listeners/Watchers will be celebrated in Worship at both 9 and 11 am.  Bring with you what you'd like to share with others.  Discussion starters will be provided by Parish Associate Carol McDonald.

Finding Hope - an All-Church Event  
If you look around the church this summer you may see people reading a book called Facing Decline, Finding Hope: New Possibilities for Faithful Churches. I used sections of the book in my report to the congregation last January. We explored some of the ideas in our officer retreat and the Session and Deacons are all reading the book this year. Want to get on board?  Need some good vacation reading? There are several copies of the book in the church library for you to borrow (254.5JON). If you want your own it is $22 on Amazon, $13.19 for a Kindle edition, or you can get it in the church office for $20, while supplies last.

On August 20th we are going to have lunch following the 11:00 service
at noon. Reservations are required by Thursday, August 17, at 5 pm. Come to lunch and join in a conversation about the book and what it says to us, here at Northminster. The core section of the book we want to talk about is called Part 2: Old and New Questions. The author’s central thesis is that we need to change the questions we ask. I hope many of you will take part in this conversation. You may attend on August 20th even if you haven’t read the book. You can read the book and pass it on to others. Your comments, insights, questions, and ideas are all valuable in the conversation. We want to hear from you. Start reading and enter the date of August 20th on your calendar now. Happy vacation! Keep on thinking!

We Make the Road by Walking
Join us for We Make the Road by Walking by Brian McLaren, a yearlong
quest for spiritual formation, reorientation and activation. Each chapter begins with 2 or 3 Scripture passages which we will consider in relationship to McLaren’s narrative. While the text does not move
systematically through the Bible, we will explore a wide expanse
of the Biblical narrative in our study. Primary leadership will be provided by Parish Associate Carol McDonald.

We will begin on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, and conclude on
Wednesday, April 18, 2018. There will be 22 sessions with breaks
for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, and Holy Week. We’ll
meet from 6:00 – 7:15 pm each week.

Starting August 15th, you can sign up for this study here. 

Copies of the paperback edition ($7.00 per copy) will be available for sale in the Church Office after August 15. Make checks payable to Northminster Church and put “We Make the Road book” in the memo line.

You may purchase this book from Northminster online here.

It’s also available on Kindle for $12.95 if you prefer that format.

Parents with a Passion 
Calling all parents!  Come and join us!  We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:15pm upstairs in the John Knox Room. There is childcare provided. Come at 5:30pm for dinner (affordable).  We are a support, discussion, and prayer group that meets regularly on Wednesday nights. We learn about current issues that impact our families and our lives as parents, we have Northminster members come and share their parenting experiences, we laugh often, we share frustrations & Joys & We care and support one another.  Contact Julie Shannon with questions.

W.A.M.M  Worship through Art, Music and Mission

Join us every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. in the Gathering Place as we explore new ways to enrich our faith and understanding in Worship.  Check out specifics about WAMM here.

Spiritual Nourishment for Adults
We recognize the need for adults to nourish their faith.  There are many opportunities for adults of all ages to get involved in a variety of groups at Northminster.  Try one of the following:

Small Groups called Christ Care Groups:

               Spiritual Striders

               Gracie Girls

               Do-it-in-a-Day Mission

Other Small Groups:

               Bible Study at American Village

               Prayer Shawl Ministry

               Banner Committee

               Parents with a Passion

               Mom to Mom

Women’s Programs:

               Presbyterian Women Circles

               Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Men’s Programs:

              Wednesday Morning Men’s Prayer Breakfast

               Bridge Groups

Youth Group:

              Sunday Evening Middle-High and Senior High Groups

There is always the option of starting your own group!  For more information on any of these opportunities, contact the Church office.

For an online series of courses and resources for your spiritual journey,  check out the Spirituality and Practice website here.

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