Mission News

Mission News
Something is always about to happen in Mission. Here you'll find news and information about Mission activities and how YOU might help. As a congregation we are very interested and involved in hands-on mission projects in our Broad Ripple neighborhood and throughout Indiana.  Helping those in need is one way we can share the love of Christ. See if one of these projects might fit the gifts and talents that you have.

Day of Caring - September 17
Mark your calendars now for the Day of Caring on Sunday, September 17th. We will once again go out into our community in service to connect with our neighborhood and mission partners. There will be a short worship service at 9 am, but no worship service at 11 am because we will worship that day by serving.

There will be opportunities at both the church and in the community and will involve all ages and abilities. We will partner with Julian Center for domestic abuse, Exodus Refugee Resettlement, DaySpring Family Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, Westminster Neighborhood Ministries and Broad Ripple Neighborhood Association. We will sort clothes, paint, clean, pick up trash, and do other jobs our partners need done.

In the church building we will write to our service personnel and our church homebound members. We will provide childcare for preschoolers so their parents can serve, make meals for those in need and pack bags with supplies for homeless clients served at Wheeler Mission.

Sign up for Day of Caring projects!

Refugee Family Support
We are looking for a core group of 6-12 people to provide primary support for the refugee family that we hope to receive by the end of year. Every congregant is invited to give this unique opportunity prayerful consideration. Should you feel called to respond, contact Tom Stayton ( ) or Victor Perkins ( ) soon for further details.

Food Pantry Volunteers
We have an official NPC day! The second Tuesday of each month from 12 noon to 4 pm will be designated as “Northminster Volunteer Day” at Second Presbyterian’s Food Pantry.  Requested staffing is for 10 individuals on each day. You do not have to commit to every month. And there are other days and times available if our designated day and time does not fit into your schedule. Contact John Reed (cell: 317-919-6505) to sign up or with any questions.

There are also other opportunities available at the food pantry:

·  If you have a green thumb, they are looking for volunteer gardeners.

· The pantry has need of bags – paper, plastic, cloth. Check with John for details on collection and delivery of bags to the pantry.

Also noteworthy is the adult and youth Bibles that are offered to shoppers, with a library on the premises as well.


Food Assistance for Westminster Neighborhood Ministries

This year-round project involves the whole congregation of Northminster. Folks are encouraged to bring food items to church. The food is collected and taken to the food pantry at Washington Street Presbyterian Church on the west side of Indianapolis. Volunteers are needed to bring in food contributions and to help deliver food to Washington Street.

Heifer Project

Heifer envisions a world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing theHeifer project coordinator, Joe Komenda, and church school kids resources of a healthy planet. Heifer's mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth. Its strategy is to "pass on the gift". As people share their animals' offspring with others - along with their knowledge, resources and skills - an expanding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe. For almost 60 years the simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief has given millions of families in 128 countries the gifts of self-reliance and hope.

Our Church School children use their weekly offering to buy animals for people in need through Heifer Project.  Contact Debbie Bulloff for more information.





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