Per Capita Giving

Per Capita Giving-From the PCUSA


Per capita exists as a way for all Presbyterians to share costs that belong to the whole church, to give meaning to the interdependent nature of Presbyterian polity.

Per capita is part of the glue that holds Presbyterians together. It exists to allow the whole church to share equitably in those things that make us Presbyterian:

  • our theological identity
  • our connectedness
  • our systems of mid-councils that allow elders and ministers together to discern the mind of Christ
  • our ecumenical connections that make us part of the church universal
  • our core structures that keep us together as a church
  • our call to work for full participation in decision-making

In essence, per capita is a set amount of money (apportionment) per member that congregations pay to the larger Presbyterian Church (USA). Every Presbyterian shares in the benefit of the PCUSA's system of government, so every Presbyterian is asked to share the expenses associated with coordinating and performing the functions of that system.

The Northminster Session asks members to pay their per capita above and beyond their annual pledge.  There is a separate line on the annual pledge card for per capita giving. 



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