Saturday, August 27

Electronics Recycling Day

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Northminster Presbyterian Church

RecycleForce will join us at Northminster for our annual recycling day. Bring your old and broken electronics for recycling. $10 donation for small items such as laptops, small boxes of batteries, etc. $20 donation for large items such as TVs and air conditioners. All the proceeds will go to support RecycleForce, a RIOS-certified social enterprise that offers comprehensive and innovative recycling services while providing life-changing workforce training to formerly incarcerated individuals. 

Taking the electronic waste and other recyclables provided by residents and corporate partners, RecycleForce deconstructs these items, recycles the materials and disposes of the waste safely and cleanly. The scrap metals and other reusable materials collected in this process are then sold to help pay for job training programs and employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated men and women in order to support their re-entry back into society.

  • With revenue generated from our recycling business, RecycleForce helps formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives through on-the-job and classroom training, social supports and job placement.
  • Ex-offenders have the odds stacked against them upon their release. Most have no job and no home to return to. Without these foundational elements, the rate of reoffending and returning to the criminal justice system is incredibly high—up to 50% in Indianapolis/Marion County.
  • RecycleForce helps ex-offenders break down the barriers to employment by providing transitional jobs for up to six months, as well as comprehensive services designed to get their lives back on track. The RecycleForce model offers program participants an integrated focus on jobs skills, character development and personal counseling. This “wrap-around” approach greatly increases the chance of sustained future employment and decreases the instances of re-offending.

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