Miss Melissa Hopkins has provided some materials and resources for us so we can participate in Children's Church at home! 

If you need help with these, or have questions, contact Melissa Hopkins, Interim Christian Education Director.

September 13
This is our second Sunday in Creation Month.  This is the time when we celebrate the World God created for us and recognize our roles as caretakers for it.  We are celebrating the land this week, and how we care for the Earth. 

Video lesson from Melissa
Ages 3 - 5 lesson
Worksheet answers
Multi-age lesson

August 30
This week the sermon is based on the hymn, "A Firm Foundation."  This week, we learn about Moses as an adult.  He grew up in the palace, but his people were slaves.  Moses didn't like how they were treated, and he ran away after killing an Egyptian for hurting an Israelite.  We learn how God found Moses while he took care of his father-in-law's sheep.  Moses was called to help the Israelites to go free by God through the Burning Bush.  This was a huge job, and Moses was scared.  God promised he would be with Moses and he would receive help as well.  Moses then accepted God's Call to Help.  

Video lesson from Miss Melissa
Ages 3 - 5 lesson
Worksheet answers
Multi-age lesson
Moses and the burning bush video

August 23
Today we continue learning the Old Testament stories.  We are learning about Baby Moses in the curriculum today.  We are focusing on the courageous women in the story.  I included the video lesson as well as an animated version of the story, but it does go further than our story, including Moses as an adult.  For the craft, you need a ribbon, the curriculum page, construction paper, and glue or tape. 

Video lesson from Miss Melissa
multi-age lesson
preschool lesson
Activity sheets
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Baby Moses activity sheets
Baby Moses video
Moses video

August 16
This week for in person worship we continue our Summer Song Series.  We will focus on the hymn "There is a Balm in Gilead" this week, and Carol McDonald will be preaching.   I included a couple of versions of this hymn on my You Tube playlist for this week, if you would like to review them.   If you are attending the 9 AM worship service service, you will see me.  I have included a short video of what that will look like.  I will have a handout for any kids that come, but we will continue to have Sunday School virtually for the next couple of months.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Miss Melissa's video lesson
Multi-age lesson
Worksheet answers
Preschool lesson
Joseph - forgiveness video

August 9
The lesson today talks about when he receives his special coat, his dreams about his brothers and parents bowing down to him, and when his brothers sold him into slavery.  We're going to talk about the special present Joseph received, the coat, and we will discuss and think about possible presents we have received as well as how they make us feel.  We also discuss the dreams Joseph has and the fact that God had plans for Joseph.  We talk about how God is always with us, and that he wants us to have special dreams.

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Multiage lesson
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Preschool lesson
Joseph story and worksheets
Joseph video

August 2
Today we are continuing our story of Jacob.  We are focusing on his trip home after working with Laban in Haran for many years.  We hear about how big his family got and how worried he was to go home.  Jacob was afraid that Esau would still be angry with him.  Jacob was sleeping alone one night of the trip, and while he was sleeping, he was approached by God (or an Angel).  He and the man struggled and wrestled all night.  Jacob said he wouldn't let go until he was given a blessing.  God blessed Jacob, and gave him a new name, Israel.  Even though Jacob was upset and struggling, God was with him.  God is with us as well, no matter what.  

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Multi Age Lesson
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Jacob Wrestles with an Angel story
Preschool Lesson

July 26
Today our lesson is again focused on Jacob and his life.  This week includes a little bit of a review of the last 2 weeks stories to remember where we're at in the story.  This week we talk about the end of Jacob's journey across the dessert and wilderness, meeting Rachel at the well and helping her get water.  She takes him home with her, and he is welcomed by Laban.  The story goes on to Jacob and Laban's work arrangement in exchange for Rachel's hand in marriage.  Laban tricks Jacob by giving him Leah instead thus getting 7 more years of work from Jacob before he is eventually married to Rachel also.  We discuss how Jacob who had tricked his brother was now tricked himself.  I included a link to an animated version of the story as well.  

Miss Melissa's video lesson
Multi-age lesson
Preschool lesson
Activity sheets
Activity sheets - answers
Jacob & Rachel video

July 12

Today our lesson is based on Genesis 25: 19-34.  This is part of the story of Jacob and Esau, and it includes when Jacob tricked Esau into trading his birthright for a bowl of soup.  With today's lesson, we talk about how the brothers don't get along and what happens when we don't get along with someone.  We also talk about choices and some struggles that we may have with families and friends. 

Miss Melissa's video lesson - July 12 2020
Jacob & Esau video
July 12, 2020 Worksheet
July 12, 2020 Worksheet Answers
July 12, 2020 Multi-age Lesson
July 12, 2020 Lesson for Preschool

June 21 - Father's Day
Today our lesson focuses on Matthew 10: 24 - 39.  This gospel lesson is where Jesus reassures his followers that God values and cares for all people just as He cares for all Creation.  The reassurance brings us comfort in a scary world. 

Instructional Video (for preschool) by Miss Melissa
Worksheet Answers
"Don't Worry" video
Multi-age Lesson
Gladys Knight "His Eye is on the Sparrow"

June 14th
Romans 5: 1-8.  Paul asserts that suffering doesn't need to end in despair because God creates and sustains Hope.  His love continues to pour into us, no matter what, to fill us with His Grace.  God calls us all to the work of carrying God's Love and Care into the world, working to create His Loving World.   

Matthew 9:35 - 10:8.  It describes the ministry of Jesus and his disciples.  Jesus acknowledges that He needs help to do the work that is needed.  He calls the disciples and asks them to follow Him.  He later asks them to continue His work, spreading the Love and Healing Power of God.   

Epistle activity sheets   
Epistle activity sheets answers  
lesson for ages 3 - 5
lesson for ages 5 - 12

June 7th - Trinity Sunday
Scriptures for today are: Matthew 28: 16 - 20 and 2 Corinthians 13:11-13.  Today we celebrate God together in 3 parts.  This can be a difficult.  It's hard to think of: God, the Father; God, the Son (Jesus); and God, the (Holy) Spirit as all being 1 God. 
Click here for Melissa's video lesson about the Trinity.

Trinity Clover coloring page
Epistle for June 7, 2020
Epistle Answers June 7, 2020
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Trinity Song
Holy Trinity Coloring page

Protests, racism and riots are very difficult for children to understand. Here are some videos that might help: 
Sesame Street video explanation of Protest
CNN Sesame Street town hall on racism

May 31 - Pentecost
This week we're celebrating the birth of the Christian Church.  In the service we'll be focused on the scripture from Acts 2: 1-21 and Psalm 104: 24-34.  The Psalm reflects on the dependence of creation on the Spirit, bringing life and renewal. 

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Ages 3 - 5 Pentecost lesson
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Holy Spirit Song video
Pentecost Song video

May 24th - last Sunday of Easter

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