Daily Prayers


For the people of the congregation:
Emily and Trent Lockridge and Catarina and Scott Foga;
Diana Logan; Charlotte Lohrenz; Andy, Lisa, Michael and Emma Longo

For those in hospice care:
Paul Matteson, son of Nancy Sala
Karl Schlabach, father of Blake Schlabach

For those dealing with injury or illness:

Sarah Oldham; Sharon McConnell, sister-in-law of Carol Campbell; Marilyn Mart

For those grieving the loss of:
John Sala, brother of Nancy Sala;
Susan Learned, daughter-in-law of Hitch and Sandy Learned

For our missions: Day of Caring

For this local community:
Keystone-Monon Neighborhood Association

For the churches in our Presbytery their leaders,
members and mission:

For those who are caring for others:
Caregivers for family members and friends.

For those who are helping with the health emergency:
Doctors, nurses, therapists, all hospital personnel, nursing home caregivers,
pharmacists, grocery store employees, social workers, EMTs, firefighters,
and police officers.

For those who are struggling during the health emergency:
Small business owners and employees, restaurant owners and employees, those
suffering financially, the vulnerable elderly, the isolated, the anxious, and those whose
medical treatment has been postponed, students and teachers.

For the World Council of Churches (oikoumene.org): Anglican Church of Tanzania

For our church staff and leadership:
Dave Smazik; Tim McElroy, Nancy Fortenberry



For the people of the congregation:
Jennifer Lord and Casey Clapp; Thomas Loser;
Kate, Danny and Aine Loughran and Emily, Lena and Nate Zubler

For those dealing with chronic illness or long-term treatment: Jack Mart; Cathryn Siegrist; Barb Jones; Sandy Frankovitz; Bill Siegrist; Ellen Williams; Teresa Siegrist; Chris Ellington; Jackie Schmidt; Terri Hubbard; Jim Mann; Bill Dynes; Major Rhodes; Kelly Stanley; David Parsley; Jodi Sprague; Becka Snider; Yumi Perkins; Mary Tarbell; Scott Newman; Weimer Hicks; Bob Nation; Blake Alexander

For our missions:
PCUSA General Assembly Mission Programs

For this local community:
Mapleton-Fall Creek Neighborhood Association

For the churches in our Presbytery their leaders,
members and mission:
Indianapolis-First Meridian Heights

From the Presbyterian Mission Yearbook of Prayer:

One of the evening psalms among today’s lectionary readings is Psalm 8, which includes some of the most wondrous words in the Bible: When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them? Yet you have made them a little lower than God, and crowned them with glory and honor.

Who are we indeed that God is mindful of us? We continue suffering during a global pandemic for which there is a proven vaccination. Time after time we catch ourselves not loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. Even as we turn the calendar on a difficult 2021, we have a hard time mustering the level of optimism that a new year generally affords us. Yet, the psalmist tells us, we human beings occupy this exalted plot of real estate in Gods Creation. Its not something we earned. You and I were born here, put in a place just a little lower than God. On top of that, we’re crowned by God with glory and honor. We’re subjects in Gods kin-dom, but on our heads youll find a crown.

This year we can resolve to treating one another and Creation in ways that are consistent with this special loft we occupy. We can try our best to see the world as others do. We might try walking alongside them. Gods still mindful of us. In 2022, we can give God something to think about that might well make God smile.

Mike Ferguson, Editor, Presbyterian News Service

For the World Council of Churches (oikoumene.org):

Church Of Jesus Christ in Madagascar

For our church staff and leadership:
Denise Harrington, Myrna Beth Nisenbaum



For the people of the congregation:
Nunda, Salima Binwa Simbi, Francois and Helene Lutumika;
Eric and Jonna MacDougall; Rod and Lori Mail
For our missions:
Synod of Lincoln Trails Mission Programs
For this local community:
Meridian Highland Neighborhood Association
For the churches in our Presbytery their leaders,
members and mission:
From the Presbyterian Mission Yearbook of Prayer:
“Only as an adult, said the senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro,
North Carolina, the Rev. Dr. Jill Duffield, did I realize how much my theology was shaped
by Mister Rogers. Like millions of Americans growing up, Duffield heard the theme song
for Mister Rogers Neighborhood maybe hundreds of times. “Lately I’ve heard it
differently. It feels more like a prayer and a plea to me As Jesus famously pointed out in
Lukes gospel , loving God and another commandment like it loving our neighbors as
ourselves are the greatest commandments. It isnt complicated, but boy, is it
difficult, Duffield said. Why is this so hard for us? We are good Presbyterians, and so we
know broadly the answer is sin. Is that a satisfying answer? Lets get biblical. Pay
attention, Duffield suggested, to the phrases in the epistles that begin with “but now, as
in Galatians 3:23–29, Ephesians 2:12–13 and 1 Peter 2:10 . According to Lukes gospel,
when the lawyer gets Jesus question right, the questioner pushes Jesus a little further,
asking him, Who is my neighbor? Jesus responds with the Parable of the Good
Samaritan . In the story, the question who is my neighbor? goes “from theory to
practice, Duffield said. Thats what being a neighbor is, changing a ‘what was to a
‘what is. It is real and it is unmistakable. Then Duffield asked, Is that the kind of
neighborly love we are practicing? We dont have to understand people to love
people, Duffield said. God says you love people you delight in people because
theyre our neighbor. Please, please, please wont you be my neighbor? I have always
wanted to have a neighbor just like you, Duffield began to sing. “Thats not tolerating
people. Its embracing people and thats the kind of neighborly love we are called to

For the World Council of Churches(oikoumene.org): Church of Nigeria

For our church staff and leadership:

Collin Obremski, Melissa Hopkins, Lori Schlabach



For the people of the congregation:
Joyce and Malcolm Mallette; Jim and Carol Mann;
Jacob, Kathy, Lucy, Scout, James and Quinn Mann

For our missions:
Whitewater Valley Presbytery Mission Programs

For this local community:
Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association

For the churches in our Presbytery their leaders,
members and mission:

From the Presbyterian Mission Yearbook of Prayer:
One good way to live out its embodiment is for the church to speak the truth in love. The
Rev. Samuel Son, the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Manager of Diversity and
Reconciliation, told Synod School attendees that speaking the truth in love can dispel
myths, which you and I are addicted to. We love myths that tell us we are pretty good
very good righteous people, Son said. All nations have myths, and one that was
traditionally important in this country is that land-owning white males were the most
important human beings. In the pre-amended U.S. Constitution, they were the only ones
who could vote. Then Son wondered: “Has the church spoken truth in love, or has it
perpetuated the myth? Sometimes, you have to call out lies in public, Son said,
because the lies are spoken in public. Getting called out can be a good thing, Son
said. The question is, how will you respond when you are called out? “How comfortable
are you with this message? Son asked. “If you arent comfortable, thats good. What will
you do with it? Maybe the best thing to do is let go of the myth. Son told the story of
the March day shortly after the murder of eight people in the Atlanta metro area, six of
whom were Asian Americans. He and his son were out walking their dog when the boy
asked his father, What did we do wrong? I said, You did nothing wrong. We are in a
place in our history when we tend to blame people who look different, Son said. To
anyone here hurting if somebody made you feel like you are wrong for your education
level, your body shape, your language, culture, age or whatever, there is nothing wrong
with you. Friends, we have been called. Let us call lies out. Speak the truth with great
love. Tell them they are beloved of God. Amen.

For the World Council of Churches (oikoumene.org): Church of North India

For our church staff and leadership:
Carol McDonald, Marko Petričić, John Wright



For the people of the congregation:
Stephi, Maci, Aidan, Tristan and Coby Mansell; Jack and Marilyn Mart;
Bob Mart; Susan Martin; Allen and Mary Ann McCormick

For those going through a difficult time: Susan Glant; Nancy Sala

For our missions:
PYOCA Church Camp

For this local community:
Meridian Street Historic District Neighborhood Association

For the churches in our Presbytery their leaders, members and mission: Indianapolis-John Knox

From the Presbyterian Mission Yearbook of Prayer:
Throughout the centuries, houses of worship have proclaimed the Creator’s power and
beauty through the arts everything from architecture to sculpture. Today, that same
artistic Spirit is moving through Newton Presbyterian Church in Boston. Newton
Presbyterian has been reaching out and inviting artists, writers and musicians to
showcase their works in its worship space and through the churchs social media
platforms as a way to glorify God and reflect on the gift of grace. Artists as far away as
South America and Singapore are submitting their works, including paintings,
photography, comics, sheet music, poetry and short stories. Newton Presbyterians
outreach committee reviews all submissions. There is no age requirement: young and old
may participate. The committee asks that each piece be accompanied with a short
explanation from the artist as to what inspired their work. The pieces that are chosen by
the committee are featured on the churchs website, Instagram and Facebook pages. The
committee often rolls out one to two pieces at a time. So far, the committee has received
over 50 submissions. Once a piece is accepted, the artist will sign an online, nonexclusive,
publishing rights agreement to protect both the artist and the church. What is the
message the church hopes will be conveyed through this new program? We hope the
program conveys that we are a strong, vibrant and current church that is moved by the
Spirit to go outside our traditional, customary ways. The arts are Gods gift to share with
the wider world. We are not attempting to convert anyone through this outreach. This is
a way to celebrate how the Spirit moves. Art is a reflection of grace.

For the World Council of Churches (oikoumene.org): Church of Scotland

For our Leadership:
Session, Deacons, Trustees, Stephen Ministers, Teams, Foundation, Support Team
(Finance, Building & Grounds, Stewardship), Pastors, Support Staff, the congregation