Celebrating the Arts at Northminster

For centuries, the church has been a center for music and other arts, expressing the inexpressible and transcending the earthbound. Sound & Spirit is dedicated to continuing this tradition, offering a variety of musical styles free of charge.  

Sound & Spirit is funded by our supporters and by our audiences. We do not operate via an endowment, so each gift is vitally important in maintaining the series, whether it is $15 or $3,000. As you review this season’s offering of eclectic concerts, we hope you will find something that you’d like to support financially. You may donate online or make checks payable to “Sound & Spirit.” From Bach to jazz to bluegrass, Sound & Spirit celebrates regional and international artistry, and the sharing of live music between performer and listener.

2019 - 2020 Sound & Spirit Concert Season
(All remaining 2020 Concerts have been cancelled)

2019 Letter to Donors

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Hearing Loop
Did you know that Northminster is the only church in the area with Hearing Loop technology installed in the Sanctuary to assist those with hearing aids and cochlear implants with T-coils?  For complete information, click the Hearing Loop logo.