Celebrating the Arts at Northminster

Like many arts series and organizations, we grieve with musicians and music lovers that we are not able to gather and experience live music.   For now, Sound & Spirit is on hold.  As soon as it is safe to gather, we intend to return to our live music performances presented at no charge.  

We thank all those generous souls who have supported Sound & Spirit over the years.   Each gift is vitally important.   If you would like to donate  to this arts outreach, you may do so online below. 

Music moves spirits and changes lives,  and we look forward to the day we can be together to experience the magic of Mozart, an infectious Celtic jig, the sound of a lonesome fiddle, or a mesmerizing saxophone break.   For centuries, the church has been  a center for music and other arts, expressing the inexpressible and transcending the earthbound.  Sound & Spirit is dedicated to continuing this tradition.  

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