There is a comfortable familiarity at Northminster Presbyterian Church. You'll find honest conversations about faith, the opportunity to be a part of time-honored traditions and the chance to explore something new.
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July 15, 2018 bulletin

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July 15

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July 15

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July 15

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July Worship

In the month of July, we will finish our sermon series on the Books of Samuel and we will begin a new series on the Book of Ephesians.  It helps to have the big picture of these books and we encourage you to read through the whole story ahead of time.  It will help you tie the pieces together.  There is so much more than we can cover in a sermon.

Sunday, July 1st
This is the fifth in our series on Samuel.  This week we look at 2 Samuel 1 and think about how God saves.  Communion will be served by intinction at both services.

Sunday, July 8th
We'll take our last look at Samuel in 2 Samuel 5.  The theme is - God Unites.

Sunday, July 15th
We will begin a series of sermons on the Book of Ephesians.  We will start in the first chapter and look at Paul’s understanding of adoption, chosen, and inheritance.

Sunday, July 22nd
We will move to the second chapter of Ephesians and think about aliens.  Is he talking about a UFO?

Sunday, July 29th
Ephesians 3 takes us into a discussion of God’s love.