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Living in the Wilderness

Living in the Wilderness

The wilderness, an appropriate motif for any Lenten season, is especially so this year.  We have been thrust into a wilderness between what we have known and what lies ahead.  It can feel like a barren space.  As we continue to move through Lent, a daily devotional is available as a survival guide.  Touchstones, from the Psalms in the Sunday morning Bible Study and the Exodus experience in our worship services, will continue to help us reflect on our experience.

March 7th        Survival – Exodus 17

March 14th      The Basics – Exodus 20

March 21st      Our Priorities – Exodus 32

On the other side of the Lenten wilderness, we will arrive at the outskirts of Jerusalem.  The initial excitement of that arrival will be shortly overshadowed by a depth of darkness that shatters any anticipated promise.  But Easter will dawn!  Our source of hope lives on.

Palm/Passion Sunday, March 28th.  We will participate in a virtual palm parade as we join in the celebration of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.  This will be an ON-LINE service.

Maundy Thursday, April 1st.  We will gather in various places and spaces as we experience the humbleness of foot washing, and commune as we break bread and share the cup that has been blessed. This will be an ON-LINE service.

Good Friday, April 2nd, 12:00-3:00 pm.  An opportunity will be extended to the congregation to come to the church facility.  Starting in the gathering place, members will be able to walk the way of the cross, stopping at various stations.  This walk will lead to the sanctuary which will be available for personal prayer and reflection. At various intervals throughout the afternoon, instrumental music will be provided.

Resurrection Sunday, April 4th

            9:00 am – Early Easter Service:  An IN-PERSON service at the Broad Ripple Park Shelter  
            (More details to come!)     

            11:00 am – Easter Celebration Service:  This service will be available ON-LINE.

- Rev David Smazik