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August 12

Nominate New Officers for 2021


August 12

New Interim Pastor - David Smazik


August 12

Outdoor YOGA class


Worship on August 9th: In-person at 9 am and Livestreaming at 11 am

Worship in August

Beginning August 9th we will have in-person worship in the sanctuary at 9 am and continue with livestream worship (not in-person) at 11 am. This comes from a motion by the Worship Team and was approved by the Session on July 10th.

The worship team, with input from Ruth Moore and John Wright, felt that the live stream worship format was working well and that the singing and vocal solos that are a crucial part of that service would be sorely missed if eliminated to accommodate parishioners in the pews. The team also agreed that there are those who feel strongly that we need to offer an in-person worship option using the safety protocols detailed by the Session Re-Opening Task Force.

So, we have decided to experiment with our worship offerings for the last four Sundays in August – 9, 16, 23 and 30 – with an evaluation on August 17th to see how things are going.

The streaming service will have singing and vocal solos while the in-person service will not – per CDC recommendations. If we sang and streamed at 9 am the aerosol droplets from the singing could still be in the air when people came for in-person worship at 11. That would not be safe for in-person worship participants.

We look forward to seeing some of you on August 9th at the 9 am in-person service, and others online for our (not in-person) livestream service at 11 am. And we welcome your comments as we experiment with new ways to glorify God in worship.