Sunday, September 5

75th Anniversary Celebration

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Northminster Presbyterian Church

75th Anniversary - we have renamed our celebration!

THE SPIRIT OF 76, celebrating Northminster’s 75 + 1 years.

We have rescheduled the events that were canceled because of Covid.  We will embrace the past on September 5th. Don Durrett will preach, and the celebration committee will share a slideshow and display memorabilia.

On September 12th, we will embrace the future.  Rev Dave Smazik will preach at one 10:00 am worship service, followed by an indoor/outdoor Celebration Brunch, catered by the Illinois Street Food Emporium! This event will also celebrate the fall kickoff for our church.

Be sure to send your favorite Northminster memories to:
John Purcell at ,
Sally Gray at   or
Barb Stayton at

Update your calendar and join us in 2021 to celebrate the continuing life of our beloved church!  

You can still order 75th Anniversary Prints

Celebrate our 75th Anniversary by purchasing a print of Jerry Gray's pen and ink drawing of our beautiful church!  You may see the prints in the Gathering Place at church, or by clicking the Order Form link below.  Proceeds will be used for 75th Anniversary celebration expenses.

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Northminster - Celebrating 50 Years (History book)

Book of Memories

We are compiling a book of Book of Memories and would love to have you contribute.   It will be on display at the Celebration event in 2021.

Questions or "Book of Memories" submissions:  Contact Sally Gray ( ) or Barb Stayton 
( ).

IF you need inspiration, below are samples that have already been submitted:

From Debbie Stuart Everett
Here are some of my top of mind recollections...

Mrs. Faust’s kindergarten Class.
Senior High Sunday night meetings with .35 cent spaghetti dinners.
Choir Punch - we’ll leave it at that.
Any Christmas Eve service.
Vacation Bible School - for generations.
Senior High Coffee House.
Mission trip of 30+ youth to Germany led by Don and Nancy Durrett.
Choir concerts and special music.
Great preaching.
A real family that is a part of every phase of life.
Catechism class: What is the chief end of man?  

From Barb Angotti
Thoughts on Northminster

In his book, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Rabbi Harold S. Kushner writes  “Religion is first and foremost a source of community. The word “religion” comes from a Latin root meaning ‘to bind together.’  Religion binds people together to deal with life’s joyous and sorrowful  moments.”

As a member of Northminster for 47 years, the church has given me many gifts. Chief among them is the gift of community…friends and believers with whom I have walked through life. Our community was there for the joyful times: the baptism of our children and grandchildren, the wedding of our son and daughter-in-law, and the times of study, prayer, and exploration with the Spiritual Striders. 

Most recently, our Northminster community was with me during a time of great sorrow: my husband’s illness and death . The staff and our Northminster friends upheld our family every step of the way. They surrounded us with love and support which has made a huge difference in my ability to move forward .  Northminster demonstrates the concept of Christian community in the finest sense of the word.

The smell of wine and bread on the communion table.
The precious prayers of the Spiritual Striders.
Changing the dossal curtains and filling the candles with Communion and Chancel Care friends.
ChristCare leaders’ training sessions with Ruth Moore and Mary Tarbell.
The faces of the beautiful children who come to Clothe-a-Child each December.
Worshiping with P.E. MacAllister.
Susan Glant and Nancy Sala’s unfailing support and help in the office.
Our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding.
The fabulous preaching and music that has been the hallmark of Northminster through the years.
Raising our individual candles while singing “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve.
The prayer vigil for Barb Stayton when she was so sick.
The passing of the peace.
The way our congregation pulled together after Fred and Cleta died.
Ruth Moore’s  ordination.
Our family from Eritrea.