Saturday, June 25

NPC Talks: Managing Stress and Anxiety Presentation

Time: 10:30 am – 11:45 am

Northminster Presbyterian Church

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety in their lives, especially over the last couple of years. In some seasons, the stress feels harder to manage than in others. Whether you find yourself in a season where the world is crashing down, or you want to learn something new about managing anxiety, this session will give you instructions on how to manage anxiety in your life.

Join us Saturday as we welcome Mike Weddle, a Certified Trainer with Homeword and former Youth Pastor who now works with Lifeline Youth and Family Services. Through the lens of young adults, Mike will share examples of anxiety in the Bible, insights into how God views your stress, and evidence-based solutions to coping with what life throws your way.

This will be an enlightening conversation that we'd love for you to come to. Also, consider inviting friends or family members who would benefit from this discussion!