Please be aware that no member of the Northminster staff will personally request money or gift cards be sent directly from you via email or text message. While giving campaigns do come from the church throughout the year, those communications will direct you to the church giving page and will almost always come from emails with an

Examples of unapproved channels:

  • Any social media direct message (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) including official Northminster channels (we will never direct message you for gifts)

  • Emails from non-Northminster addresses, including personal emails

Second, any other communication from pastors or other staff members will come through a Northminster email address. Each address has  as its domain. Any other domain, even ones that appear to closely resemble Northminster, is not official and should not be recognized. One way to protect yourself from these emails is to hover your mouse over the sender’s name on the “from” line. If it doesn’t come from the official Northminster domain, you can be confident that the email isn’t from the church. When in doubt, please contact our office for confirmation.

Examples of potentially fraudulent communications:

  • An email that appears to be from a staff member but is actually from (Note that while the address includes the word Northminster and northminster-indy, it's not an address)

  • A text from a strange area code or a strange email address claiming to be one of our pastors and asking for your assistance

We apologize that these unfortunate situations continue to occur and Northminster is committed to protecting you and your privacy in every way possible.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions or concerns by contacting or calling us at (317) 251-9489.