The Christian faith is a singing faith, answering the call in scripture that exhorts God’s people to “Sing to the Lord.”

When we gather to worship and glorify God, music draws us closer with a unique and compelling power. From African-American spirituals to Bach cantatas, from Tanzanian folk songs to newly commissioned hymns, Northminster’s choirs, soloists and instrumentalists lead the congregation in the singing of praise that spans time and many cultures. Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, the sounds and poetry of liturgical texts, seek to enhance worship, to comfort, encourage and inspire, and to embrace those within and beyond the walls of our church.  Contact Music Director, John Wright, for more information.


Music Lessons

Sound & Spirit

Our arts series, Sound & Spirit, provides free diverse concerts of exceptional quality throughout the year and makes a special contribution to the cultural life of our community.

American Guild of Organists - article from August 2021

Celebrating the contributions of John Wright
As of 2021, John has been with Northminster for 20 years!  We truly appreciate his gifts and talents.  Our church members created a piece of memorabilia to commemorate his time with us.  (See it here.)